Job-hunting in English


Course Description:

A practical course focused on job hunting in an English language context. Students will gain the necessary knowledge and be given the opportunity to practice the key steps involved in the job interview process. Students will perfect their CV, cover letters and  interview skills.


Content of the Course:

  1. Research and preparation for job search
  2. Preparing a CV
  3. Writing a cover letter
  4. Preparation for the interview
  5. Interviewing skills
  6. Competency based interviewing skills
  7. Telephone interviews
  8. Assessment centres
  9. After the interview follow-up
  10. Negotiating terms and conditions of  a job contract


Textbooks and Study Materials:

Downes, Colmes. Cambridge English for Job Hunting, Cambridge University Press, 2008

Kingston, Michael. Pass the Job Interview, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Šudoma, Milan. Job Interview, Computer Press a.s., 2008

Yate, Martin. The Ultimate Job Search Letters Book, Kogan Page Limited, 2003

Yeung, Rob. How to Succeed at Interviews, How To Books Ltd, 2011

Information about the core textbook: 
Cambridge English for job-hunting is for learners of English on levels B2 or C1 who need to use English in their application process. 
It develops a specialist language knowledge and communication skills that job-seekers need to apply for and secure jobs.
The course comprises six standalone units covering core areas such as preparing a CV, writing a cover letter and answering interview questions. By featuring authentic material such as CV’s and letters, learners are given practical experience in preparing vital documentation.
“Cambridge English for Job-hunting” also focuses on the interview scenario, including extracts from interviews on the Audio CD’s. It familiarises learners with commonly asked interview questions and develops more advanced interviewing techniques. The course also offers valuable advice to build an applicant’s confidence.
Audio CD 1 total time: approx. 69 minutes
Audio CD 2 total time: approx. 45 minutes


Credit requirements and course assessment:

·                Regular attendance, max. 3 absences

·                Home preparation (personal statement, cover letter, CV)

·                Active participation (practising interviewing skills)